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Skydiving Tips

If you have depended on expert and presumed skydiving administrators, skydiving could turn out to be a genuinely reviving and energizing knowledge. Considering the related dangers frequently connected to a skydiving knowledge, it would be similarly essential to attempt the fundamental measures for a sheltered and secure excursion. Keep in mind, the guidelines forced by skydiving background are essentially for your security. Submitting to them would guarantee finish wellbeing which actually would be in the best of your interests.

Skydiving – Some Rules and Norms to Abide by

Preparing whether it’s the skydiving system or aptitudes important for utilizing a parachute, proficient skydiving administrations would guarantee you are satisfactorily prepared before dove in. It is further bolstering your good fortune to participate with them.

Height and Weight

Normally, height restrictions would not be applicable. But every professional service would have certain age related restrictions for sure. So, if they feel you are too heavy for a skydiving experience, its best to abide by their instructions and not place yourself in danger. Even if you are borderline, it’s better not to take chances.


Although there would be very few or no restrictions with respect to age, if you are below 12 years of age, there could be some additional safety measures. For instance, you might be provided with additional harnesses and so on. Make sure you use them! Also, if you are below 18, it would be wise to be accompanied by an adult or at least have a declaration from an adult, allowing you to participate in the skydiving activity. Seek guidance from elders regarding your capabilities of undertaking a skydiving adventure.

Glasses/Contact Lenses

If you need to use glasses or contact lenses always, your skydiving service would certainly allow you to wear those during the skydive. Inform your instructor about it in advance so that he can arrange for suitable goggles that fit you over the spectacles. Besides, additional safety norms may also be applicable for those using glasses.


Specific attire would be suggested by skydiving instructors. You need to obey this rule at all times for your own safety.