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Paintball Guns vs Airsoft Guns

Despite the fact that, it is a myth that paintball weapon and airsoft firearms are utilized conversely however the fact of the matter is very unique. Paintball firearms and airsoft weapons are distinctive in their looks as well as in the method for working. There are numerous distinctions like shooting reach, power and costs. The amusements are diverse so as the parts utilized as a part of these recreations to play. One needs to comprehend the distinction to look over them.

The making of paint ball weapon and airsoft firearms was done in 1970s where them two made in various nations for various diversions. The Asian market has constantly bolstered the weapon as collectibles, additionally individuals see owning a firearm as grown-up toy. Particularly in Japan where the law does not allow the nation men to keep genuine ammo, so to fulfill the neighborhood individuals producers made copies of guns. These guns need real power; rather than shots they utilize plastic. With a specific end goal to separate amongst genuine and copy firearm a yellow or red prong should be joined to the finish of the barrel. In the meantime individuals from US were additionally making firearm yet they didn’t look like genuine weapons. These weapons were made for various purposes like stamping dairy cattle and trees. They have characterized straightforward and special look as the barrel of the weapon is only a tube appended which is not in a shape to give it a look of genuine gun.

Paintball is a game that came into existence in 1970’s which allowed people to have paint ball guns in their hands to shoot the opponent with colours stored in gun barrel. It is purely recreational activity. The real gun may be used for safety or destructive purpose. Let us look at some of the differences between paint ball guns and airsoft guns.


In terms of resemblance to the actual weapons, paint ball gun is far behind as it has got a very simple look, they do not resemble any real firearm whereas airsoft guns are very good replicas of real weapons.


Paint ball is a game so it is pretty clear that paintball gun is mainly used for recreational purpose. One cannot use it for any useful work. When we look at airsoft gun, there are games that support airsoft gun but airsoft guns are also used for military and law enforcement officer trainings.

When considering the game of paintball the player when aims the gun at opponent, the resultant is seen as the splatter of bright colour on the clothes of the opponent whereas comparing airsoft guns, there are no signs of any shot. So, the player needs to be honest themselves while playing any game using airsoft guns.

Hardness and Strength

In terms of hardness and strength, a paintball projects form paintball gun is much harder as compared to airsoft gun because paint ball weigh more than pellets do. The energy from paintball is different when they reach the target.


Another difference between paint ball gun and airsoft guns is that airsoft ammunition has larger range as compared to paint ball guns. The airsoft guns can be upgraded with the hop-up creating a back spin and also firing the shots in an upward arc. As the paint balls are heavier, they cannot travel far distance compared to pellets of airsoft guns. The airsoft guns are much powerful as compared to paintball guns.


Even though the cost of playingwith airsoft guns and paint ball guns is almost similar, it entirely depends on your choice of game. The games are almost same priced but the difference comes when buying ammunitions for the games to be played. Airsoft guns are much easy to maintain and the pellets used in airsoft gun are cheaper as compared to paint balls. Another fact is that cheap guns are of low quality and may not shoot far distance.

The airsoft guns and paint ball guns shoot differently according to their designs. You need to think about what you want and for the age range that you are picking the gun for. This will help you make the best decision and ensure that you have a great time playing what you love.